Who eminem dating

31-Jul-2017 08:20

In his defense, Hailie was only a 14-year-old girl back then.

But it’s obvious he’s just like any dad who is fiercely protective of his little girls.

A satirical publication imagined Hailie dating a boy who grew up on Slim Shady’s music.

Imagine the cold sweat on Eminem’s neck hearing that the boy dating his daughter loves his music!

The world knew about Hailie as Eminem’s muse and she was featured in some of his songs, but she led a relatively private life.

It was only when her parents’ turbulent relationship made headlines that she was in the public eye.

The farcical piece painted a hilarious picture of Eminem questioning what kind of parents would let their boy listen to his music.

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In fact, the defining relationship of arguably the most important rapper of the last 15 years was also one of the most toxic celebrity relationships in recent memory, a relationship so passionate and twisted that it led to the creation of some of the most stomach-churningly violent music ever to capture the imagination of American listeners.He is the son of a fifteen-year-old mother at the time of his birth and a father who left six months later and never returned.