Sonic dla updating media

29-Jul-2017 00:41

DLA makes it simple to format discs and save files.

DLA makes it simple to use backup software with your CD/DVD drive, to back up your files and folders directly to the CD/DVD disc.

Unfortunately, I have forgotten which of my programs has Sonic Studio DLA buried within it.

There is no Sonic Studio or Roxio program on my computer to remove.

Most of the branded CD/DVD recording drives, both retail and OEM, now come with their custom version of DLA as a supplemental software on the driver disk.

For example, there are HP, IBM, and Sony versions available. All the variations are actually built on the same codebase and technically have very little difference from the original DLA.

However, the startup continues to be scary and I'm pretty sure the problem is related to the goosed optical drive (OD) (one of two). Sometimes OD 1 disappears and can be resuscitated by "Scan for hardware changes" in Device Manager. I think the answer might be to disconnect OD 2 but right now with a major project in hand I don't want to risk creating further problems. After the major project see how the computer boots with CDs/DVDs in the trays. I was about to reply and say that loading a disk into OD 2 wasn't an option. this afternoon after I hit the shutdown button a message appeared.

Occasionally, the light on the drawer for OD 2 blinks, stays on (and continues to stay), the light on OD2 blinks and goes out and startup proceeds quickly. But I think you are correct in trying to disconnect OD2. Although the light sometimes blinks - and stays on - during startup, the drawer couldn't be opened, not even using the paperclip trick. Something like 'Please wait while Sonic DLA updates your media'. However, due to the neurosis that's now set in, I've done probably the wrong thing and researched freezes causing by Sonic configs/updates.

Making a backup copy to your CD/DVD drive is a breeze with DLA.

DLA enables direct read/write drive letter access to your CD/DVD optical drive from Windows 98, ME, NT, 2000, and XP.

You can now use your CD-RW or DVD recorder for file storage and retrieval as if it were a hard drive or floppy disk. Drive Letter Access (DLA) is an invaluable utility that lets you drag and drop files from your hard drive to your CD or DVD recorder as easily as you would to a floppy disk.

After several days in the Seventh Circle of Hell with (now resolved) problems caused by AVG, one of my optical drives has failed completely and I'm suspecting this must be connected to the following, new problem.

When I switch on my Lenovo (IBM) Thinkcentre, a "System is starting...

Just ignore this message and proceed with the installation - IBM DLA still works OK with most of the drives, even if the installation program initially displays a warning like this.