Secret video chat room

05-Jul-2017 06:17

So I asked a 23-year-old colleague if she uses Messenger. "I just don’t want to have too many connections on Facebook with people I don’t know." This makes a stunning amount of sense.

Whether you use Facebook Messenger to chat with everyone you know or you’re like me and only use it once in a while, here’s a guide to how you can get more out of it — from dedicated browser windows to secret codes for initiating chess games to calling an Uber from within a chat.

It might never roll out more widely depending on user reactions.

But the feature could help Facebook fill in the middle-ground between broad News Feed sharing to your whole social graph, and private messaging to your closest friends.

Facebook can be used to pay someone or to ask someone to pay you, but you’ll need to register your debit card with Messenger to complete any transactions.

Tap the "..." icon near your text-entry box and select Payments to enter your account details.

Alone in the browser If you’re using Messenger on, you’re probably not all that impressed with the experience.

Tiny chat windows pop up in the bottom right corner of Facebook, and conversations with longer messages feel cramped.

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Buried in Messenger’s i OS app’s source code are multiple references to the feature, with some explanation of how it works.While Groups is great for threaded posts about a topic, those don’t quite feel alive.