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Because the music seemed to secretly saturate the audio and visual airwaves of the late 80's and early 90's, I suppose I found the style of new jack swing to be completely annoying at one point. But that era also contained some excellent music that often got buried in the generic sea that the genre would eventually create.Now on first sight,this would SEEM like something generic at first.Trio of guys with an album title with a mildly hip-hop friendly name? Two of these guys just happen to be Lenny White and Marcus Miller.

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Digital instruments are involved,but the recording is basically analog.

Hear that, pumper squeeze, yeah that, pumper be Shoved in your mouth for talkin' all the f**k-a-ree We move with the tune boy, we shoot'em and move boy Yes you could say we are the Rudest of rude boys Move that, do that, juke that girl, who dat who dat who dat girl I wanna meet her, i wanna see her, i wanna skeet skeet I wanna juice that girl Grippin good, pimpin good, livin' good, shit is good, test me, lets see I wish a nigga would (aye) Y'all kids is a waste, when i spark clips is a waste When alcoholics spit in your face, quick get a tatse Nigga i ride high, drive high, fly high, sky high, high high i'm high So high, so fly, float by, oh why, oh my, and i dont know why Whoaa... Now your row your boat nigga, and get your parachute Signal your plane, yes we get on them planes and fly high Bo!