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12-Sep-2017 18:58

My lil sissy Gracie Elliot Teefey was born on June 12th.Selena Gomez has become entangled in Brad Pitt's and Angelina Jolie's divorce drama, with a new report revealing that Angelina found the "Kill 'Em With Kindness" singer's photo, as well as pictures of other women, on Brad's phone.Related: Selena Gomez Teases Her Smokin' Hot Bikini Bod!On Tuesday, the In case you didn't know, Selly makes a cameo in the critically-acclaimed film with economist Dr.Another report claims that Selena recently checked into rehab and that her stay at the treatment facility is linked to Brad, reported Ace Showbiz.This story alleges that she has been "hiding out" from Brad's and Angelina's divorce drama in the clinic, and that she created a scandal at the Golden Globes this year by informing reports that she was searching for link up with Sienna after she'd spent the night partying with their mutual pal Bradley Cooper and Noel Gallagher in the VIP Park backstage bar.They seemed keen to get away from prying eyes and made a dash for the Rabbit Hole, the festival's underground and exclusive venue, with a group of friends and were inseparable as they waited to go inside." "The party was cut short and they had to leave after five minutes because the venue was closing.

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As we reported, Selena Gomez chatted with Brad Pitt at the CAA Golden Globes after-party at the Sunset Tower Hotel.

Bradley Cooper left and Brad and Sienna headed back arm in arm to their private Winnebago [RV]." There are no real photos of the two together to confirm any of this, but as Katy Perry once tweeted and re-tweeted, time is the ultimate truth teller.

went wrong between them and was it Brad’s fault or Angelina’s.

” He also claimed that Jolie and Pitt’s relationship got worse following the argument over the images.

Not so long after that, she heard rumours that he had an affair with French actress Marion Cotillard, whom he was working with in Allied.

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