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21-Jul-2017 20:06

Long live White Wednesdays.'In one video, a defiant campaigner insists women are 'not puppets'.She says: 'Keep the desire for dignity, freedom, love and hope for all Iranian women. Iranian women are not your puppets to do whatever you wish with them; to forcefully bully them, kick them out of stadiums, or forcibly make them wear hijab.'Iranian woman is a beautiful independent creature full of love and hope.You can't slap a woman.'One touching video shows a father driving with his young daughter in the passenger seat and talking about her future.

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The UK bought into the lie that Iran had turned into a Scandinavian social democracy overnight: Rouhani the Moderate. We have since seen that the Islamic Republic is the same beast it’s been since its inception in 1979; only now it’s more powerful than ever, and wants money from Britain in order to release Nazanin. Corbyn has the power not to pay Iran a penny and still free Nazanin – that’s how respected he is in Iran.

He and Jack Straw – who the Iranians also have a soft spot for, having received him a number of times as Foreign Secretary – could fly to Tehran tomorrow and sort this matter out at a snip.