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17-Sep-2017 14:27

She will show you her memoirs of her dance classes at Mamata Shankar’s Ballet Troupe!She is one woman who does not want to get married by 23. She is single by choice and hates depending upon anyone.You can see her smoking in style and thinking analytically about being a single mother!She has the guts to go for a holiday alone and be a loner-self willingly, and yet maintain her dignity!

(Don’t be lured by Sanjay Leela’s portrayal of Paro in Devdas! From Derrida to Neruda, politics to religion, sentimentalism to spiritualism: she has varied interests!Take a normal, run-of-the-mill girl, add some spice and loads of flavour, give her a book, a dash of feminism and lo and behold, you have the Bengali girl. Durga Puja will never be the same when she is with you. Right from childhood she has been trained in dance, singing, art and every creative thing possible. She has lived every up and down in life, because of the books she reads and will always understand your problems.Let her win some of the debates and listen to her didactic speeches and you will be granted the entrance to her core group. If you are in awe of her dreamy kohl rimmed eyes that hide behind the facades of her spectacles, and you think..awwww, she is a pet and resides in her dreamland; think thrice!!!

She doesn’t only seem knowledgeable, but indeed is! She is not at all gullible and even too intelligent to let any of your actions go unseen.

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