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05-Aug-2017 22:13

And while I kept most of my Facebook friends entertained with a couple statuses here and there with some of these pathetic one-liners, I realized I had compiled enough to not only make an article, but also remind myself that life as a single woman in 2016 is more or less, the worst.

Now because I try to keep this place semi-PG, semi-my-mother-is-Nigerian-and-doesn’t-think-I’ll-date-until-I’m-married, and semi-one-day-my-future-husband-might-see-this, that means that I can’t include the more obscene, graphic, and detailed commentary I’ve been on the receiving end of. ” To make matters worse, it’s no secret Italian men, and Europeans in general, are rumored to have a fetish with black women, so navigating the dating scene is basically like drawing a map to Mars. I constantly have to ask myself, “ love is love, and if it were easy to find, all my 20-something year old friends back in America would be married by now.

I did not approve of this mysterious place, so I persisted on staying at the bar, which he did not seem to be very happy about. Very cliché and at first he was disappointed and didn’t seem to believe me.

The conversation was not very entertaining as he barely smiled, barely asked any questions and talked about himself most of the time. And yes, I did kind of feel bad about it, but I was just not into a longer night with him and a possible hook up.

He was tall, pretty toned and came on his scooter, wearing dark sunglasses (which was kind of sexy).

The conversation was easy, he smiled and laughed a lot and actually seemed to be interested.

I am sick and tired of the mainstream media trying to shove men with multiple barbed wire…

She met up with some Italians and had a great time.

“It was definitely an exciting experience and I would totally do it again.

Some were trying to come to the point pretty quickly and asked “why on Tinder? Once I sorted out the guys that were mainly interested in a hook up, I arranged a date with two of the leftover ones.

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I can tell you already, they were, let’s say, interesting.

Unfortunately, something you can not avoid in Italian cuisine. Children become wine and food connoisseurs from a young age I wasn’t allowed to drink wine until I was way into my teens and I didn’t start learning to cook properly until then either, but children from Italian families learn this from a lot younger.

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